greetings! i'm ember, a nonbinary person in the united states. i have liked working with rust, and have big ideas about how formal methods can radically change the world: make computers actually work. what an idea! My home on the web is

currently, i worked for O(1) Labs, on mina during its birth, a hash-linked distributed proof system that leverages advanced constructive mathematics to make blockchain history managable. or, find other descriptions online :)

previously, i did work on/with seL4, the first kernel with a computer checked end-to-end correctness proof. as part of that i created Robigalia, a (vaporware idea for a) (persistent capability OS) (built) using ,rust.

speaking of rust, i worked on that for a few of years! most notably, i created the first version of the currently-shipped rustdoc, and spec'd/implemented the "flexible target specification" file that is used to configure rustc for cross-compiling. I also started the This Week in Rust newsletter and kicked off VisualRust. I did a bunch of other stuff to get rust ready for 1.0, github has all the nitty-gritty.

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