greetings! i'm ember, a nonbinary person in the united states. i have liked working with rust, and have big ideas about how formal methods can radically change the world: make computers actually work. what an idea! these days i'm distracted by other things, but look forward to returning to software at some point. My home on the web is

recently, i worked for O(1) Labs on mina during its birth, a hash-linked distributed proof system that leverages advanced constructive mathematics to make blockchain history managable.

previously, i did work on/with seL4, the first kernel with a computer checked end-to-end correctness proof. as part of that i created Robigalia, a (vaporware idea for a) (persistent capability OS) (built) using ,rust.

speaking of rust, i worked on that for a few of years! most notably, i created the first version of the currently-shipped rustdoc, and spec'd/implemented the "flexible target specification" file that is used to configure rustc for cross-compiling. I also started the This Week in Rust newsletter and kicked off VisualRust. I did a bunch of other stuff to get rust ready for 1.0, github has all the nitty-gritty.

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